Kadara Enyeasi Nigeria, b. 1994

Kadara Enyeasi is a multidisciplinary artist based in Lagos, Nigeria.

A graduate of architecture from the University of Lagos, Kadara’s conceptual artworks combine an interest in architecture and urban space with a focus on the human form. Best known for his work in photography and digital collage, he has recently expanded his practice by experimenting with painting, tactile processes and abstraction.


Kadara Enyeasi's upcoming solo exhibition, Is it not enough for the sea to be beautiful?, uses the ocean as a metaphor to interrogate emotions of introspection, identity and regret. The exhibition’s premise is based on a poem by Chinua Achebe, Afternoon Raid, in which two friends are separated by a fatal air raid while trying to reach one another from across the road. Written at the height of the Nigerian Civil War, the poem highlights the angst of separation that occurs with immense conflict and turmoil. Enyeasi transforms the setting of the road for that of the sea, creating a series of mixed media works that construct a narrative of alienation and loss.


Is it not enough for the sea to be beautiful? opens on 25 September 2020.