Ola-Dele Kuku Nigeria, b. 1963

Ola Dele-Kuku is a Nigerian born architect and artist based in Brussels, Belgium. Kuku uses his architectural training to develop conceptual art projects that critique contemporary global issues in the social and cultural sphere.

Ola-Dele Kuku’s practice focuses primarily on conceptual interventions in architecture with a special interest in the philosophy, theory, and composition. He has developed several award winning projects which include drawings, objects and installations.


In his long term series Agenda Setting, Kuku critiques the hidden agendas and baises of the mass media, which are illustrated by selected interest in particularities, focus and oversight. The project has taken multiple formats, creating site-specific installations using found books in addition to a series of neon signs, which highlight underrepresented narratives. In his project Opera Domestica, Kuku produces furniture wooden sculptures that condense the structures and functions of domestic objects in architectural space.


In 2016, Ola-Dele Kuku's work was presented in the first Nigerian Pavillon at the Venice Architectural Biennale.