Wanawana.net: "Artist Yadichinma Ukoha Kalu On Abstraction, Curiousity and “Saffron in the Desert”

Wana Udobang, Wanawana.net, December 20, 2020

My first set of interactions with artist Yadichinma Ukoha Kalu’s work started with the Women in Bloom and the Rele Young Contemporaries group exhibitions in 2016. Since then Ukoha Kalu has gone on to receive a number of residencies as well as exhibit her work internationally.


The work is often playing with the conceptual and abstract, through a variety of mediums and materials. So whether it’s drawing, sculpture, photography, collage or performance, Ukoha Kalu work always offers as much surprise as it does excitement. Her recent exhibition at the KO gallery in Lagos showed a series that included works in plexiglass, plaster of Paris, alongside drawings and paintings titled Saffron In The Desert.


In this conversation, we talk about curiosity, form, materiality and Saffron.