Stephen Tayo’s stunning photos tell captivating stories of community

Adedayo Laketu, DAZED, May 14, 2021

From Lagos’ blossoming drag scene to the strong bonds that unite twins, the Nigerian photographer is intent on sparking conversation through his work

Across the African continent, a new generation of young creatives are spearheading a creative boom. With the weight of the world's eyes upon them, these individuals work outside of old fashioned Western dictates, at times rejecting such antiquated systems altogether. One notable, and particularly refreshing, figure among them is Nigerian photographer Stephen Tayo.


Tayo captures the reality of his surroundings, showcasing the beauty of community, always centering his subjects' unique sense of style. Fusing the old and the new, the philosophy major has spent the past few years creating a profound and alluring body of work – layered with symbolism relating to identity, family, and friendship.


As well as Dazed, Tayo’s work has been featured in VogueThe New York TimesVice, and Interview Magazine. He’s also worked with artists like Burna BoyDavido, and Tiwa Savage, bringing his unique style of photography to their image. His subjects are captured intimately in their everyday environments – through his lens, surplus is stripped away, as he focuses on the multilayered dialogues that surround each individual. Fleeting moments of mundanity are regularly elevated to things of beauty.