Art Dubai 2020 Residents: Africa Edition

Art Dubai, January 21, 2020


Since its inception, Art Dubai’s Residents section has presented a vibrant proposition for the diverse group of artists who have been invited to the UAE from different geographies to conceive and construct work within a unique context to be unveiled for the first time during Art Dubai.


Residents returns in 2020 for its third iteration with a focus on the African continent and is curated by Johannesburg-based Kabelo Malatsie. A.R.M. Holding is the home of Residents and the programme is supported by Tashkeel. The programme invites six dynamic young artists — represented by galleries from Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe — to participate in a Dubai-based residency, encouraging them to explore and engage with the local art and culture scene.


Interested in ‘internal logic’ Kabelo’s approach will be to look at “why some people naturally work on the left, or why/if being left-handed means you have a natural disposition to seeing the world in relation to your left-handedness…how we pick out certain colours and experience colour, how our individual and collective experiences creates biases in how we see and experience the world.”




Kó nominated Yadichinma Ukoha Kalu to participate in the Art Dubai 2020 Resident Program.


Yadichinma Ukoha-Kalu is a Nigerian experimental artist, who utilises varied mediums including digital media, film, painting, photography and sculpture to produce conceptual and thematic works. Her process is in a constant state of flux, as the artist finds the theme of change to be a foundational aspect of her work.