Eva Obodo Nigeria, b. 1963

Eva Obodo focuses on fibre and charcoal as conceptual mediums, creating relief PaINTINGS and free standing SCULPTURES THAT ARE CREATED FROM PROCCESSES OF wrapping, tying and bundling.

Incorporating discarded materials such as charcoal and jute fibre, Obodo creates visual narratives that evoke the complex socio-political and economic structures that frame contemporary culture.


Obodo’s charcoal works reference issues of natural resources and development in Nigeria, while his fibre works utilise nylon threads that are tied, rolled and wrapped to create colorful visual metaphors. Together, they speak to the connections between individuals and their social relations woven against economic and political backgrounds, connected by community, nation and the global economy through the trade of goods and ideas.


Eva Obodo is a professor at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he teaches sculpture and art education.