Edozie Anedu | Joseph Obanubi | Stephen Tayo : Group Show

10 December 2020 - 9 January 2021

kó presents a group exhibition featuring Edozie Anedu, Joseph Obanubi and Stephen Tayo, who each completed artist RESIDENCIES with the Arthouse Foundation in 2020.

Edozie Anedu's residency project, Landscape mode, is a play on the genre of landscape painting. Imagining urban scenes around the islands of Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki in Lagos, he adopts a vibrant color palette with saturated hues that suggest mood as inspired by social media photoshop filters. Edozie began creating this series while in residency during the coronavirus lockdown in 2020. The scenes are void of the busy social interaction of normal daily life, and instead focus on the solitude and spirit of the city and its architecture. He inscribes pointedly humorous text and phrases atop of the paintings.


Joseph Obanubi's residency project, titled How close can it get?, interrogates the limits of closeness in relation to dense urban populations. Inspired by the movements of people within the city of Lagos, Obanubi imagines both real and imagined spaces. He references currencies, numbers and analytical data, overlapping different sources and modes of technological information. Combining texts, writings and inscriptions using an embossing technique, along with drawings, digital collage and stamping, he maps the city from a nuanced perspective. Obanubi points to how people’s experiences of personal space are dictated by socio-economic conditions and wealth inequalities.


In Stephen Tayo's residency project, What If?, the photographer collaborated with a group of self-profressed drag artists in Lagos, who are leveraging the visibility of social media to build digital followings and challenging social expectations. Stephen was influenced by his conversations with veteran journalist, academic and film producer Funmi Iyanda, whose studies of Yoruba cosmology, history and evolution have examined the ways gender was expressed in pre-colonial Yoruba culture, and how those negotiations have been warped by contact with the West. Stephen presented his subjects free of political subtext, photographing in spaces where his subjects felt at ease and with the creative freedom to pose in ways that were best representative of their drag. Stephen Tayo ultimately created a series of collages based on these photo sessions, a new direction in his artistic practice.

kó will present this group exhibition 10 December 2020- 9 January 2021.